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The orders main page displays all orders that have been placed in a format where vital information is easily seen and data can be filtered or sorted for desired results.

The displayed information includes:

  • Status and Origin
  • Client Name
  • Order Number, ERP Number
  • Assigned Rep, Submitted By
  • Date Placed, Date Last Updated
  • Lines on the Order
  • Subtotal
  • Tax, Freight, Discount
  • Total GP, Outside GP

Orders List

There are a number of ways to search, filter, and sort the displayed data. Those ways include:

  • Search bar. Users can search by order number or client name or ERP number.
  • Start and End Dates. Users can filter data based on when the order was placed.
  • Sorting Criteria. The “Sort by” dropdown menu lets users sort by date (new-old or old-new), total (high-low or low-high), or client name (A-Z or Z-A).
  • Sales Rep. Can filter to a single sales rep’s orders or include all orders.
  • Status. Can filter based on the order’s status. Statuses include unsubmitted, pending, sent to ERP, approved, shipped, held, cancelled, approval required, override rejected, or submitted.

The default sort is date (New-Old).

To return the displayed information to the default settings, click the “Reset” button.

Note: Sales reps can only see their own orders, meaning orders they have submitted, or orders placed by clients that are assigned to that sales rep.

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