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When you click on an item, it will take you to an individual item detail page. At the top of the page will be the name, brand, and manufacturer. Below that is the information display area.

The information display area shows five separate cards displaying visual data on that specific item. The graphs within these cards can be hovered over for details on data points. These cards show:

  • Revenue
  • Sold Units
  • Unique Clients
  • Unique Invoices
  • Gross Profit

Item's Details

Following that are further information cards which display:

  • Item Details (customizable, visible info may vary)
    • Item #
    • Generic Description
    • Daily Limit
    • Manufacturer
    • Brand Equivalent
    • Size
    • Strength
    • Case Size
    • Target Price
    • Minimum Price
    • Average Wholesale
    • Acquisition Cost
    • Sell Cost
    • Quantity On-Hand
    • Quantity On Order
    • Soonest Arrival Date
    • Is Active? (Yes or No)
    • Soonest Expiration
  • Sales Details
    • Month to Date Sold Units
    • Last Month Sold Units
    • Two Months Ago Sold Units
    • Month to Date Revenue
    • Last Month Revenue
    • Two Month Ago Revenue
    • Month to Date Customers Sold
    • Last Month Customers Sold
    • Two Months Ago Customers Sold
    • Month to Date Invoices
    • Last Month Invoices
    • Two Months Ago Invoices
  • Lots
    • Hide Depleted Lots (Checkbox, yes or no, to filter lots displayed)
    • Lot information, including expiration date
  • Frequently Purchased Together items list (for easy cross-selling and upselling)
  • Images

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