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The “My Account” page displays helpful information for users.

The information displayed on the page includes:

  • User
    • Name
    • Email
  • My Locations
    • Location (client name), Customer Code
    • Shipping Address
    • Sales Rep
    • Credit Balance
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Terms
  • Recent 5 Orders
    • Order Number (link to details)
    • Date
    • Client
    • Ship To
    • Number of Items
    • Total
  • Recent 5 Invoices
    • Invoice Number (link to details)
    • Date
    • Client
    • Number of Items
    • Total

Clicking on the “Change Password” button on the user info display card brings up the change password prompt.
Type in the new password twice, then click “Save” to save the new password.

Final Note: The e-commerce portal and the CRM are designed to mirror one another. For example, a CRM user can make changes in the customer’s cart and those changes will be reflected in the e-commerce portal. Likewise, any changes made in the e-commerce portal will be displayed in the CRM. This is a convenient feature that helps users work efficiently with their e-commerce customers.

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