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The items page lists all of the items that the user’s company can sell/has in their inventory.

At the top of the items display area is the search and sort area, with a search bar, a filter for active/inactive items, a filter for in-stock items, a filter for on order items, and a filter for short date items.

You can also enter expiration start date and end date to filter for only items within that date range.

There’s also a dropdown to sort items with the following constraints:

  • Relevance (will show the most relevant records to user’s keywords)
  • Description
  • Price (low to high, high to low)
  • Date Added (new to old, old to new)
  • Profitability (low to high, high to low)
  • Quantity on Hand (low to high, high to low)
  • Quantity on Order (low to high, high to low)
  • Soonest Expiration Date (new to old, old to new)

Items List

To remove filters and sorts, click the “Reset” button in the search and sort area.

The display data for the individual items includes:

  • Generic, Brand, Manufacturer
  • Item # (from ERP system)
  • Size, Strength
  • Target Price, Minimum Price
  • Quantity On Hand, Soonest Expiration Date
  • Quantity On Order, Soonest Arrival Date
  • Profitability Percentage

Clicking on the “Create New Item” button in the upper right-hand corner of the item display area brings up the new item form.

The new item form allows for entering details (required info marked with asterisk) including:

  • General Info
    • Product Name / Description
    • Manufacturer
    • Brand Equivalent
    • Groups (select from dropdown menu)
    • Ecommerce Visibility (select from dropdown menu)
    • Active (checkbox, yes or no)
  • Details
    • Size
    • Unit of Measure
    • Strength
    • Case Size
  • Pricing
    • Target Price
    • Minimum Price
    • Acquisition Cost
    • Sell Cost
    • Average Wholesale Price
  • Quantity
    • Quantity on Hand
    • Quantity on Order
    • Short Date (checkbox, yes or no)
  • Special Handling
    • Hazmat (checkbox, yes or no)
    • Refrigerated (checkbox, yes or no)
  • Dimensions
    • Weight (ounces)
    • Height (inches)
    • Length (inches)
    • Width (inches)

To submit the new item, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the new item form.

  1. Item Detail
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  3. Competitive Prices
  4. Groups
  5. Saved Prices