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The Item Summary page within the client navigation area allows users to scan, view, and explore the individual items purchased by that particular client. This page is for customers only (not leads).


Client's Purchased Items

Displayed information for each item entry includes:

  • Item Number
  • ERP Number
  • Name
  • Brand Equivalent
  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Strength
  • Last Invoice
  • Last Price
  • Date
  • Month to Date Total
  • Month to Date Quantity
  • Month to Date Price per Unit
  • One Month Ago Total
  • One Month Ago Quantity
  • One Month Ago Price per Unit
  • Two Months Ago Total
  • Two Months Ago Quantity
  • Two Months Ago Price per Unit

Users can search for individual entries via the search bar or re-order the data via the “Sort by” dropdown menu. The sort by dropdown menu includes the following options:

  • Last Invoice (New-Old, Old-New)
  • Generic Description (A-Z, Z-A)
  • Brand Description (A-Z, Z-A)
  • Month to Date Quantity
  • Last Month Quantity
  • Month Before Last Quantity
  • Month to Date Revenue
  • Last Month Revenue
  • Month Before Last Revenue

Clicking the “View Full History” button on the rightmost side of each entry brings up the client’s invoice history for that specific item.

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