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The invoices main page allows users to see a number of invoices at a glance, and to sort, filter, and search for individual invoices for more information. This gives users an easy way to spot vital billing details related to clients’ purchases.

The information displayed for each invoice includes:

  • Invoice Number
  • Created Date
  • Client
  • Associated User on the Invoice
  • Number of Lines
  • Tax, Freight, Discount
  • Subtotal, Total
  • Total Gross Profit

Invoices List

There are a number of ways to search, filter, and sort the displayed data. Those ways include:

  • Search bar. Users can search by order invoice number or client name.
  • Sales Rep. Can filter to a single sales rep’s orders or include all orders. Note: This filter is only available for admins and sales managers.
  • Start and End Dates. Users can filter data based on when the order was placed.
  • Sorting Criteria. The “Sort by” dropdown menu lets users sort by date (new-old or old-new), total (high-low or low-high), or client name (A-Z or Z-A).

The default sort is date (New-Old).

Note: For sales reps, only the invoices for orders the sales rep placed or orders for clients assigned to that sales rep will appear in the display area.

  1. Invoice Details