Client History

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The client history page within the item navigation menu (once an individual item has been clicked) allows users to scan and view order histories relating to the item from various clients.

The displayed information for each entry on the client history page includes:

  • Client
  • Client Phone, Last Call Date
  • Sales Rep
  • Last Invoice Number, Last Invoice Date
  • Month to Date Total Revenue
  • Month to Date Quantity Sold
  • Month to Date Price per Unit
  • Last Month Total Revenue
  • Last Month Quantity Sold
  • Last Month Price per Unit
  • Two Months Ago Total Revenue
  • Two Months Ago Quantity Sold
  • Two Months Ago Price per Unit

Item's Purchased History

Users can search for individual clients using the search box, filter by sales rep via a dropdown menu, or sort the list using the “Sort by” dropdown menu. Order criteria in the sort by menu includes:

  • Client Name (A-Z, Z-A)
  • Last Call Date (New-Old, Old-New)
  • Last Call Date (Old-New)
  • Last Invoice Date (New-Old, Old-New)
  • Month to Date Quantity (High-Low)
  • Last Month Quantity (High-Low
  • Two Months Ago Quantity (High-Low)
  • Month to Date Revenue (High-Low)
  • Last Month Revenue (High-Low)
  • Two Months Ago Revenue (High-Low)

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