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The goal of the Groups page is to assign, remove, and/or display group affiliation.

The groups page can be accessed by clicking “Groups” in the inner left navigation bar.

If a group has been assigned, the display area will display:

  • Group name
  • Group type
  • Group description
  • A trash can icon to delete the group affiliation

Some roles (e.g., admins, sales managers) can assign clients to new groups. Sales reps can only see groups that clients are in, not assign them.

Note: Clients can be assigned to multiple groups.

To assign the current selected customer to a group, click the “Assign to Group” button in the upper right hand corner of the group affiliations display area.

This will bring up a prompt. Type the name of the group to be assigned into the input field and select OK to assign this customer to that group.

To remove a given group from an individual client, click the trash can icon on the far right side of that group’s display information. A confirmation pop-up will appear; click “Yes” to delete the group affiliation.

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