Saved Prices

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The saved prices page shows all of the saved price settings for that particular client. This page is for customers only (not leads). Sales reps can create saved prices as long as the price is not below the minimum price for the item.

The saved prices display area shows the following information for each of the saved prices:

  • Generic Name, Manufacturer, Item Number
  • Size, Strength
  • Last Order Date
  • Minimum Price
  • Target Price
  • Last Price
  • Saved Price

Click the “Set Price” button in the upper right-hand corner to bring up the set price prompt.

The set price prompt has a search box, where users can search for the item that they want to set a price for.

Once the item is selected, a display area shows the minimum price, target price, and last price for the item.

There is also an input field where the new price to set for the item can be entered. Click “Save” to save the price associated with this item.

Click “Edit Saved Price” from the dropdown menu at the right side of that particular saved price entry. Then enter the new price and click “Save.”

Click “Remove Saved Price” from the dropdown menu at the right of an entry to remove that particular saved price entry.

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